Here are a few pitchers to get your insertions starting


Kitchen Remodel

Whether your favorite moments are spent beside a simmering stove, hosting happy groups, or gathering family around the table, the kitchen is the heart of your home. This is one area of the house where functionality is just as important as aesthetics, which is why the contractor you choose must be an expert at creating both beautiful and truly working kitchens. DYM specializes in kitchen remodels, and will walk you through every step you need to realize your project. From designing your ideal layout to choosing flooring, hardware and appliances, DYM will guide you through each stage, even creating a rendering so you can see your dream becoming real. “Building your ideas to life” is not just a slogan, but DYM’s mission.


Bathroom Remodel

Imagine starting each day by stepping into a serene spa. Whether your home is small or large, you can make this a reality with a thoughtful bathroom remodel. Thanks to its extensive experience in bathroom remodeling, DYM can help turn your bathroom into your favorite area of the house. And DYM’s first-rate team ensures that you can have your dream space far more easily than you might ever imagine.


Complete Remodel

Whether you're a first-time buyer whose dream home is a fixer upper, a seasoned homeowner whose house is ready for a full update, or an investor looking to improve and increase your property's value, you can trust DYM for a remodel. DYM's team handles even the most complex remodels with ease and total efficiency.


Design and Rendering

Prior to any demolition, a 3D rendering will allow you to see how your finished project will look with your chosen materials. DYM's interior and graphic designers are at the top of their field, and have deep knowledge of all trends from today to the classics. For an eco-friendly choice that is also budget-friendly, DYM additionally offers sustainable design, which can lead to significant operating cost savings. An excellent rendering ultimately yields a smoother, tighter timeline and eliminates errors in the field. It truly provides the “big picture.”

Room Addition & Garage Conversion

Room Additions & Garage Conversions

Did you know that many homes contain hidden treasure? DYM can help you find yours. The “treasure” is unused space that can be converted into a meaningful investment! Whether you envision a sun-flooded room for yourself, a perfectly appointed room for guests, or a mini apartment for rental, a room addition is the least expensive and most valuable way to enlarge your home. DYM can address your needs for any kind of additional living space, and often significantly increase your home's value. DYM’s room addition projects range from a simple bedroom/bathroom addition to a full second-story addition to a garage conversion. Specializing in space planning, DYM’s team will make the most out the square footage that you wish to add, even creating a perfect “mini house.”